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Doreen Spence
Traditional Native Healer, Registered Nurse

  • Traditional Native Healing
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy,
  • Thought Field Therapy
  • Body Talk (all levels including the fast aid),
  • Consegrity and Acutonics.
  • Full Moon Ceremonies
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
Doreen is a Native Elder whose passion is helping people to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. She followed this calling as a registered nurse for 38 years, and now practices Traditional Native Healing and other forms of energy therapy.

Doreen believes that with unconditional love, passion and persistence one person can make a difference. She has spent a lifetime making that difference. She is a healer, author, presenter, advocate, creator, speaker, educator and mentor. Born of Cree ancestry in Northern Alberta, Doreen works tirelessly in the field of human rights protecting fundamental freedoms for indigenous people. She travels extensively to present at numerous conferences around the world, including Canada, Europe, the United States and New Zealand, sharing her message of healing, tolerance, human rights and the wisdom of First Nations traditional teachings.
 Doreen has been honoured numerous times for her work, including being a Nobel Peace Prize nominee for the 1000 Women of Peace Project in 2005 and receiving, along with his holiness, the Dalai Lama, an International Award at the New Zealand Spiritual Elders Conference in 1992.

 Locally, Doreen was the founder and president of the Plains Cultural Survival School Society and has been a Senator at the University of Calgary. She also founded the Canadian Indigenous Women's Resource Institute. Doreen strives to bring understanding between all nations and has opened hearts and minds around the world with her teachings, persistence, wisdom and unconditional love. For more information about Doreen's justice work see World People's Blog.

Current Courses/Workshops:

Traditional Native Teachings

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Doreen works therapeutically with her clients in one-on-one sessions. An interview is required to book with her. For more information please email her at d.spence4@shaw.ca


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